Covid-19 Pandemic Possible Scenarios for the
 41st Mt. Graham Hill Climb
As race director, I am still planning on having the 41st Mt. Graham Hill Climb in 2020.

I will be keeping myself updated on the Covid-19 situation.

I plan on opening registration on August 15, 2020 to minimize the possible loss of internet fees for each rider.
Scenario “A” is to have the event as a mass start event with the pre-race get together in the parking area, the mass start and them the awards with a free lunch held at the Graham County multi purpose room in Safford. 

Registration would be both on-line and in person as in the past years.

 Number(s) pick up would be at the hotel and at the start line!
Scenairo “B” would be to small groups if riders race together around 10 in a group.

Each group of riders would be selected based on the category.

Small categories would/could be grouped together.

Registration would be on-line only with extra careful number pickup before the event. 

Pre-race events would be kept to a minimum; awards would be done at the parking area using social distancing rules.
Scenairo “C”

UPDATE August 20, 2020!

41st Mt. Graham Hill Climb will be run as an Individual Time Trial in 2020.

This will eliminate the pre-race get together. Our National Anthem and prayer will still happen however all cyclists and support will be asked to be at least 10 feet apart.

I would highly ask all cyclists to registration on-line or by mail.

Number(s) are being mail to riders!

I would like to thank the following cyclists who express their ideas on which plan would be the best for Mt Graham Hill Climb. They are Herb Johnson, Joey Iuliano, Joe Williams, Alli Greening, Lewis Barlow & John Bailiff.

Registration is open at BIKEREG.COM with only one fee – no late fee in 2020!
In summary, the event is being planned, updates will be posted every two week on the web page and Facebook and It will be an individual time trial. Registration will open on August 15, 2020 with only one fee – no late fee in 2020!