Important Information

Neutral Support for all riders. Water and encouragement all 20 miles! See Nippy at the start line if you want to help out. FREE food at the rest area just past the finish line.

There will be a race support vehicle that will take any and all rider's gear (extra clothes) for the ride down. Place items in a bag and label with name and race number.
Riding Down

Riding down the mountain is allowed BUT extreme care is advised. Helmets are required. The race is up the mountain, not down. All past crashes have occured on the ride down the mountain. Rides down after the race are available. Ask at the start line.
Relax Before The Race

Kachina Mineral Springs is the place! (928) 428-7212. Ask about race specials. 108 degree Artesian Mineral Hot Spring. Massage! Near Roper State Park on Cactus Road off Highway 191 towards Mt. Graham.
Lunch or Dinner

There are great places to eat in Safford and Thatcher, Arizona.  Check with the locals!

Goat Heads

Goat heads have always been a problem at the start line. Bring extra tubes. The promoter is working on eliminating the problem. 
Special Thanks

A very special thank you to the following people and organizations who make this race possible.

All of Nippy's Family
Team Aggress
Dawgs Bicycle Group! (Reg Dowell)

David Swan
John & Pam Lieberenz
Don Lash (Nippy's Brother-in-Iaw)
Carolyn Audilet

Arizona Department of Transportation ADOT
Graham County Supervisors &
Graham County Manager 
Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS)
US Forest Service
Federal Prison
Eastern Arizona Courier 
KFMM Real Country 99.1 FM

Al Hopper, past race director who past this event on to me in 1998!
Jay Schreiber who the former website.
Photographer Kathleen Drier!

Past bike clubs Eclipse Racing, Tri Sports, Southwest Hand Cycling, Team Broadway Bikes, Team Aggress and Javelina Chase Bicycle Race in Duncan Arizona

Love to all...
General Information

The Annual Mt. Graham Hill Climb is the Arizona State Hill Climb Championship for all registered USCF Arizona cyclists.

For 2020 the event will be an individual Time Trial hill climb.

Information will be posted on this web page as well as Facebook and emails sent out!

The Race starts at 8 AM on SR 366 at mile post 115.1 and finishes at mile post 135.1. The distance is 20 miles. There is a 10 mile race for both Junior and Senior cyclists.

Parking is in The United States Federal Prison eastern most parking area. There is ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING on SR 366. Please do not drive off the paved road at the starting area as that you will pick up stickers and cause many flats once you drive back on the pavement.

First rider finishing time will be about 9:30 AM. Last rider finishing time will be about 11:00 AM. All riders will finish riding down the mountain by noon.
Graham County Chamber of Commerce

For local imformation about Mt. Graham, Safford AZ and Graham County check with the Graham County Chamber of Commerece.  The Chamber is located at 1111 West Thatcher Blvd. Safford, AZ 85546. The toll free number is (888) 837-1841 or (928) 428-2511. FAX (928) 428-0744.

Graham County Chamber of Commerce e-mail-